Saturday May 12 2012
Sannino on despite fractured ribs

Giuseppe Sannino will be on the Siena bench, possibly for the last time before taking the Palermo job, against Napoli despite fracturing three ribs.

The Coach got a knock during a game between ranks with his staff and was diagnosed with three fractured ribs, leaving him in evident discomfort.

“Don’t worry, my staff will do the shouting for me,” smiled Sannino, who is expected to take the Palermo job next season.

“I am happy that Siena can arrive at the San Paolo with safety already in hand. In our initial plans, this seemed like the most decisive match of the campaign. Instead we have nothing but joy for our achievements.

“We want to end the season on a high and honour Serie A to the end. We know it’ll be tough, as Napoli still believe in the Champions League and will play for the victory. I am nonetheless certain we’ll play with dignity.

“We are all going to Naples for this match so we can be together for one last time. This team won its safety on the pitch with sweat and hard work.”

Sannino did not disguise his negotiations with Palermo President Maurizio Zamparini.

“First I want to talk to Siena President Massimo Mezzaroma, which I think is only fair. At the start Siena and I were sort of sniffing each other like dogs, then we got to know each other and understood where we were coming from.

“This city has given me so much. The most pleasing aspect was being appreciated as a man in my everyday life, the shows of affection from a fan you meet at dinner and talk about everything except football. When you leave something special in a place, it’s always wonderful to return.

“I don’t want these words to be taken as a goodbye, but I want to underline the people of Siena made me feel like one of them. This is an unusual city, where families of several generations can happily come to the stadium. It’s also like a huge work of art, opening a doorway to be greeted by a masterpiece.

“I thank the media, the fans and those who helped me come here.”