Sunday May 13 2012
Guerini lectures dismal Fiorentina

Vincenzo Guerini was able to secure Fiorentina’s safety after two Coaches were sacked, but notes “this team has been well below expectations.”

He was promoted from the role of team manager to caretaker boss when Sinisa Mihajlovic and Delio Rossi were fired during a chaotic campaign.

“This season must force us to analyse very carefully what mistakes were made and try not to repeat them in future,” said Guerini.

“We have no intention of stepping on to the field against Cagliari just for show, so I will pick the line-up that can guarantee me the best performance.

“It is clear that this team has been well below expectations this season in terms of results.”

However, the caretaker manager also sniped at the fans and local media for creating further tension around the side.

“I didn’t understand why there was controversy over the fact we had a team dinner this week to celebrate achieving safety, which was a target in our plans. Clearly if we play badly in our last game, it’s not going to be down to the dinner we had several days earlier.

“I hope in future we can talk more about what happens on the pitch and less about gossip.”