Friday May 18 2012
Zanetti: 'Let Juve have third star'

Inter captain Javier Zanetti has a new take on the ‘third star’ Juventus controversy. “If it makes them happy, but everyone knows what happened.”

The Bianconeri have plastered ‘30’ all over their Scudetto celebrations, despite the fact it is officially their 28th title, as two were stripped in the Calciopoli trial.

The club now intends to add a third golden star – each traditionally representing 10 Serie A titles – on their jerseys next season.

“If it makes them happy, then they can go ahead,” shrugged Zanetti.

“Enough thinking about the past. Everyone knows what happened. Each person has to deal with their own conscience and knows what they have to do.

“In any case, I repeat my compliments to Juve for winning this Scudetto.”