Sunday May 20 2012
Hamsik gets the chop!

Marek Hamsik kept his promise and celebrated the Coppa Italia by shaving off his famous Mohican hairstyle. “I can’t wait to get to Naples!”

He had pledged to chop off his ‘crest’ if Napoli won the trophy, so was scalped in the locker room after beating Juventus 2-0.

“Paolo Cannavaro and Christian Maggio cut my crest off. It was a promise I kept,” smiled the midfielder.

He had done a similar thing when Slovakia qualified for the World Cup in 2010.

“After so many years we brought back a trophy to Napoli and I can’t wait to get to Naples so we can celebrate with the fans.

“I have a contract for another five years. The project is in place and is continuing, as next year we’ll be in Europe again.”

Thanks to this victory, Napoli go straight into the Europa League group phase.