Friday May 25 2012
Siena release 'ungrateful Sannino'

Siena President Massimo Mezzaroma released Giuseppe Sannino to Palermo with bitter sarcasm. “I stopped believing in gratitude a long time ago.”

The Sicilians have poached both director Giorgio Perinetti and tactician Sannino for next season.

“Sannino and Perinetti both wanted to live by the sea, so I hope it’s like Love Boat, because at Palermo they don’t give much love to Coaches and directors,” mused Mezzaroma on Radio Manà Manà.

“I certainly won’t get into an argument with Sannino. If he thinks Palermo is better than Siena, then only history will be the judge of who is right. It’s true being fired by Palermo is no longer a stain on anyone’s record...

“Was Sannino ungrateful after I gave him his Serie A debut? I stopped believing in gratitude a long time ago.”

Palermo President Maurizio Zamparini has already gone on record stating Sannino will be the new Coach, even though an agreement has not been struck with Siena.

“Zamparini is volcanic and has a certain age, so it’s only right he gets to tick a few more boxes,” continued a bitterly sarcastic Mezzaroma.

“I am sure we’ll find a solution with Palermo. If Zamparini says he is his Coach, then it means he’ll do everything to have him.”

Siena also released Antonio Conte from his contract a year ago so he could lead Juventus to the Scudetto.

“We are the Udinese of Coaches, as we tend to launch them into the stratosphere. It’s a bit of a shame, as this year they’ve taken away both our tactician and our director of sport.

“I’m not upset at any specific situation, but it’s only right in the world of football to see it with the detachment and disenchantment it deserves.

“The passion for the shirt and being a ‘bandiera’ for your club just doesn’t exist anymore. We may as well treat it like show business. You do a year, hope the profits go well and then prepare another.”

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