Tuesday May 29 2012
Balotelli wants to improve

Mario Balotelli hasn’t held back with the praise for his own ability, but has matched it with an ambition to improve it further.

Currently in preparations with the Italy squad ahead of Euro 2012, the youngster took time out to talk to France Football about his current standing in the game and where his ambitions lie for the future.

“My dream is to become in time the strongest footballer,” the 21-year-old told the publication this week.

“I know I am strong, but if I go on working I know I can become much stronger. The Ballon d'Or is the most important title after the World Cup and European Championship. It is an objective. I think I could be able to win it one day. But I still have to work a lot.

“When I decide to score, I score. I know I am strong, but I believe it is not enough yet. I can kick fine, dribble very well, but I still have to improve.

“Yes, I think I am a genius, but not a rebel. I have my life, my world, I do what I want, without annoying anyone. I believe I am more intelligent than the average person.

“The talent God gave me is beautiful and wonderful, but it is difficult. Because you are always facing other people keen to judge you. "There are few people with such talent, so there are few able to judge what I am doing.”

The Palermo-born forward enjoyed his most prolific season in front of goal last term at Manchester City, where under Roberto Mancini he won the Premier League title too.

“Roberto Mancini has known me since I am a kid. He really knows me. More than a Coach-player relationship, it is a friendship between us.

“Mancini has always trusted me. It is not that easy when b******s talk to the Press, people saying they saw you here and there at night.

“When I don't play it is then difficult to say: 'Mario takes the team's lead and makes it into a win'. However that is what Mancini has always done. I will always remain grateful for that.”

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