Wednesday May 30 2012
Ghirardi urges clear judgment

Parma President Tommaso Ghirardi hopes that any punishments handed out for the betting scandal in Italy are ‘clear and definitive’.

Police carried out several raids and arrests earlier this week as their investigations into illegal match-fixing and betting on Serie A and Serie B games continued.

Talking of the latest developments with Sky Sport 24, Parma owner Ghirardi is keen that a similar situation to 2006’s Calciopoli scandal is avoided, where rulings were made but then overturned upon appeal.

“I hate hasty decisions that are later overturned by the appeals courts,” he said on Wednesday.

“I hope for clear and definitive judgments. It would not be an issue if the start of next season was delayed for this.”

Ghirardi was also asked about Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti’s suggestion that the championship be suspended for as long as two or three years, so as to sort the situation out.

“I hope that he was expressing himself as a fan. You certainly cannot stop a sport that produces thousands of jobs.”

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