Sunday June 3 2012
Buffon 'not in betting investigation'

Gianluigi Buffon’s lawyer has reiterated “he is not involved in the investigation” into a betting scandal after his tobacconist in Parma was raided by police.

The Juventus and Italy goalkeeper was dragged into the scandal by the media, who pointed out he had paid large sums to a tobacconist who also has a betting booth.

However, he assured the payments were for a collection of watches and helping his friend buy some land, while there were no irregular betting patterns flagged here, nor did the investigators suggest he was in any way part of the investigation.

“The tobacconist being inspected in Parma had nothing to do with Buffon and there are absolutely no elements that would suggest Gigi is involved in the investigation,” said lawyer Marco Valerio Corini.

“We have not been notified of anything, we have not received any notice and I don’t see why it should arrive.

“All the news that has leaked out has no relevance to illegal activity on a civil or sporting justice level. If Buffon is called to explain any of it, then he will.

“The only regret is that Gigi is forced to explain things that are irrelevant and publicise matters that are private.”

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