Tuesday June 5 2012
Allegri: 10 more years only

Massimiliano Allegri has admitted that another 10 years in the game will be enough to take him to early retirement.

The former Cagliari Coach is preparing over this summer for what will be his third year at the helm of Milan and the 10th campaign of his coaching career.

Whilst he will be 45 by the time the 2012-13 season kicks off, Allegri admits that he is already at the halfway point of his stint in the profession.

“I’d like to stop in a decade. I started [in Serie A] when I was 40, I will finish when I reach 55. Fifteen years as a Coach is enough and then I will move on, and with all this crap, I really will want to go,” he told weekly publication Chi, before admitting one particular ambition still to achieve.

“I want to coach the national team, I admit that.”

The Coach was also asked about the possibility of Mario Balotelli coming to Milan this summer.

“Balotelli will not be at Milan. I hope he can mature, the career of a footballer is short. He should have regrets for any mistakes made.”