Wednesday June 6 2012
Lazio introduce boss Petkovic

Vladimir Petkovic is hoping to improve on the work of predecessor Edy Reja after he was unveiled as the new Lazio boss on Wednesday.

The Italian club confirmed his appointment at the weekend and the Bosnian has signed a two-year contract at the Olimpico.

“Over these last few years Lazio have done really well and I want that to continue,” the 48-year-old noted. “I want to be a part of this ambitious project because this type of club always aims for the top.

“I respect all opponents, but we have to dominate in the defensive phase and the attacking one. My side will be organised and attacking.”

Petkovic was a surprise appointment given that he’s spent most of his coaching days in Switzerland and Turkey.

“It is very important for me that I have arrived here at this stage of my career,” he continued.

“It demonstrates everything which I have worked hard for up to now. I’m proud to be in charge of a club that is 112-years-old, a club with a past.

“Over the next few weeks I’ll try to understand where I have arrived and with whom I will work with. I know Italian football pretty well, but it is one thing to look at it from the outside and another to be in it.

“I’ll take the time to look at each player and each move from the club to evaluate and change according to my ideas.

“I always expect more from people and that includes myself. When we reach 100 per cent, I’ll ask for 110 per cent the day after.”

The boss refused to go into specifics when asked about tactics, instead insisting that communication and group spirit are key ingredients for success.

“One of the principles of my work is to create a solid squad, that is very important because you don’t win without being united. Individual qualities are important, but they have to be a part of the group.

“I like to be present, to be a bit tough, but I’m also a flexible Coach who likes to talk. I’ll communicate clearly and I expect my collaborators to do the same.”

Petkovic was also inevitably asked about the summer transfer campaign and next season’s derbies against a Zdenek Zeman led Roma.

“Now is not the moment to mention names. There is plenty of time and the right opportunity to discuss transfers will arrive.

“The games against Roma? We’ll do all we can to win the derby.”