Wednesday June 6 2012
'Devastating' allegations on Genoa derby

Investigators into the betting scandal claim they know things about the Genoa derby in May 2011 that “will have a devastating effect” on football.

This is part of the same investigation that saw ex-Genoa man Omar Milanetto and current Lazio captain Stefano Mauri arrested last week.

It is now believed a great deal of the investigation is focused on Genoa’s last-gasp 2-1 win over arch rivals Sampdoria on May 8 2011.

“Milanetto was involved in that derby and it’ll be the worst thing we’ve seen in this investigation,” said public prosecutor Roberto Di Martino.

“We know things that will have a devastating effect.”

The match ended 2-1 with Mauro Boselli’s goal at the 96th minute, but more importantly that result had a huge impact in sending Sampdoria down to Serie B.