Monday June 11 2012
Obodo: They were going to kill me

Udinese’s Christian Obodo has today told of the terror that he faced when he was kidnapped at gunpoint in Nigeria and held hostage in the jungle.

The 28-year-old was on his way to church on Saturday when armed gunmen ‘took him away’, before then issuing a reported €150,000 ransom.

Initial reports of his release suggested that the ransom had been paid, but the player, who spent last season out on loan at Lecce, explained today that he had in fact managed to escape.

“When I arrived at church I was taken by six masked men, we went on a three-hour journey and I then found myself in the jungle,” Obodo told Sky Sport 24 on Monday.

“I couldn’t see anything. They made me sit down and then they told me to ask my family for a ransom, so that nothing bad would happen to me.

“Three of them went off to withdraw the money, but in doing so they were captured. One stayed with me whilst another waited by a nearby phone.

“Seeing that the others did not return, they took me further out, always under the threat of their weapons, and they took the phone and called a girl.

“As soon as I heard the other side of the phone that said ‘kill Christian because the others have been arrested’ I decided to risk it, I pushed one of them and he fell into a ravine and I ran away.

“Then I asked for help and was recognised. Then the other accomplice was arrested. Whoever organised their capture is one of the many people I have to thank.”