Saturday June 16 2012
Juve 'must pay Giovinco's value'

Parma have again warned Juventus they will not get a discount on Sebastian Giovinco. “We invested in him when others wouldn’t and must be paid for his true value.”

The Atomic Ant is co-owned by the two clubs, who are in negotiations to decide whether he’ll go to Turin or Parma next season.

“Giovinco is co-owned and his overall worth must be divided in half,” general manager Pietro Leonardi told Sky Sport Italia this afternoon.

“If Juventus prove they have the right view of the player, then they will have an advantage in talks compared to other clubs.

“We invested in him when others wouldn’t and paid a big sum for this club’s standards. I don’t see why other clubs should not have to behave the same way.

“Parma paid €1m for the loan plus €3m to buy out half of his contract a year ago. I don’t see why Parma should have to pay when buying players, but once they are leaving the Tardini they are suddenly considered to be cheaper.

“The fact remains Parma do own half of Giovinco’s contract and if Juventus want him back then we must be paid for his true value.

“Giovinco is the best Italian player out there at the moment. Next week we’ll have a meeting and try to work out where we are in this situation.”

If the clubs cannot reach an agreement, the matter will go to a blind auction – both clubs put a bid in a sealed envelope and the highest offer wins the remaining 50 per cent of his contract.

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