Sunday June 17 2012
Trap on Italy and slams Roy Keane

Giovanni Trapattoni gave a typically fiery Press conference ahead of Ireland’s match with Italy on Monday night, including an attack on Roy Keane.

Ireland are already out of Euro 2012 following two defeats and legend Keane has been very publicly critical of Trapattoni’s approach.

“I already said Keane has been a very great player. I don’t know if he’d achieve the same result as Coach. I can ask him why for an intelligent man he keeps saying these things,” replied Trap in English during the Press conference.

However, the manger then switched to Italian and muttered as an aside: “He’s won ****-all.”

Tomorrow’s game is essential for Italy, who have to win and hope Spain-Croatia doesn’t end in a 2-2 draw.

“We will play for our honour and nation, who supported us throughout the tournament. We don’t want to go home with another defeat,” continued Trapattoni.

“There is no desire for revenge against Italy. I achieved some great results abroad and if I did not return to Italy after my time with the Nazionale that was my decision.

“I preferred to go where my professionalism paid off with success, because in Italy they want everything and they want it straight away.

“Initially I hoped not to be drawn in the same group as Italy, but as I already said, we have to play our game to honour the shirt.”

With regards to honour, Trapattoni’s Italy were eliminated in 2004 when Denmark-Sweden ended 2-2 and could find themselves in an identical situation now.

“The same things do not always happen and the authorities will pay more attention. I therefore doubt it can happen. I say that in other nations they also play football, but we mustn’t say everyone is the same.

“Cesare Prandelli has shown with his teams and now with Italy that he has wisdom and character. I am therefore happy for this lad who I always appreciated when he was a player and a Coach.”

Antonio Cassano was given a chance by Trap when Marcello Lippi would not and now Prandelli is doing the same with Mario Balotelli.

“I had the same problems when it came to Cassano. We are always in competition with whoever the fans do or don’t want to see on the field. Only Cesare knows what’s best, so he will decide whether it is opportune to keep him on the field.

“Cassano? I told him he shouldn’t talk about certain things, like sociology and human relationships. He has shown signs of having grown up, though.”

Cassano sparked controversy with his Press conference this week by making homophobic remarks.

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