Monday June 18 2012
Marchisio: Calcio not fair to gays

Claudio Marchisio has come out in support of gay marriage, suggesting that football’s perception of homosexuality is unjust.

The issue over homosexuality in Italian football has been a major talking point in recent months, starting with Cesare Prandelli’s encouragement of gay footballers to come out to Antonio Di Natale and Antonio Cassano’s negative reaction to this stance.

Marchisio, however, follows in his CT’s viewpoint that there should be no stigma attached to being gay.

“Personally, I agree on same-sex marriages,” the Juve midfielder tells this month’s male Italian edition of Vogue magazine.

“In our particular environment, in fact, the topic is a bit rigid. If someone comes out at their workplace [somewhere else], fortunately it is no longer a sensation.

“When doing so at a football training camp, however, the same scene cannot be imagined. It is not fair.

“I find that instinctively the more traditional figures are those of a man and woman [as parents]. I try to think that children need balance, but it’s a complicated issue.

“It cannot be argued that a heterosexual couple can necessarily be able to provide more love to a child.”

The Juventus man also had some words on the Euro 2012 scenario facing Italy with Prandelli.

“Prandelli has focused strongly on young players, but without compromising on certain expertise. There are guys like Ogbonna, who comes from Serie B, and Borini. Spain and the other two in the group are tricky customers, especially Giovanni Trapattoni’s Ireland, who have already caused us difficulty before.

“We haven’t set a minimum target - I am only satisfied if we reach the final.”

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