Thursday June 21 2012
The doubts about Giovinco

Not everyone is convinced by Juventus’ proposed decision to re-sign Sebastian Giovinco. Antonio Labbate ponders and answers some of the misgivings.

Is the decision by Juventus to re-sign Sebastian Giovinco, at a cost of around €11m, not a costly financial own goal? Such a consideration is perfectly understandable when you contemplate that Giovinco is, let us not forget, a product of the Juventus youth system. Selling a 50 per cent share in him to the Tardini outfit for €3.75m two years ago to then buy that cut back for €11m could be viewed as questionable. But you can also argue that the Old Lady have now signed a €22m player for a little over €7m. Had Giovinco remained with the Bianconeri, then, considering how cautious the big Italian clubs are with youngsters, he probably would not even be worth in excess of €15m today.

How will Antonio Conte use him at Juventus? His two years at Parma have underlined that he’s a forward and not a trequartista. He can play as an Antonio Di Natale like centre-forward, but he’s more suited to a second striker role. As a result, he could be easily fielded in a 3-5-2 system that may become Conte’s preferred shape in 2012-13 given the proposed acquisition of Mauricio Isla from Udinese. He may also be risked out wide in a 4-3-3, but much will depend on his movement when Juventus are not in possession. He’d also fit a 4-4-2/4-2-4 if Conte wished to revive the system which was once his trademark.

Will he be assured of a starting shirt in Turin? No – Juventus are not Parma. Saying that, Conte has proved that if you work hard enough in training and adapt tactically, as well as make the physical sacrifices, then a chance will be offered. If the Old Lady can have a prolonged campaign in the Champions League then there should be enough opportunities for Giovinco to feature, whether from the start or – as may be more likely – from the bench.

Is he good enough to play for a club such as Juventus? His two seasons at Parma, in a less pressured environment and at a club who could offer him regular football have been of invaluable use to him – and Juventus. Those were the years of his Serie A consecration, a spell where he matured and gained the kind of experience which he was not granted during his previous stint in Turin. He’s proved that he can score and assist in the Italian top flight, while his inclusion in Italy’s Euro 2012 squad should underline his talent. He’s not world class, not the much-hyped top player that Juventus are openly searching for or an Alessandro Del Piero clone, but he’s a very good attacker with the characteristics that La Signora presently don’t have elsewhere in their ranks.

But isn’t he too small to make an impact? His fragile frame is undoubtedly a hindrance, but it does also come with a few advantages. His low centre of gravity, combined with his effective technical ability, will cause opposition defenders problems. The option of using him as a second-half substitute against defensive-minded clubs, who face the Old Lady with the prime intention of not losing, could make him a valuable Bianconero weapon. His record of 22 goals – 15 alone this term – in 66 League games for Parma isn’t shoddy for Italian top-flight standards.

Is there the possibility that he could been signed by Juventus to then be used as a pawn in another transfer deal this summer? Possible yes, but improbable. One should never say never in the transfer market, but director general Beppe Marotta has made it clear that the attacker is wanted by Conte and Giovinco, as well as his agent, would have surely vetoed a return if that was the Old Lady’s real intention.

Will he be the last attacker who Juve sign this summer? If he is, then it won’t be by choice. The Bianconeri have made it very clear that they are hoping to acquire a top class striker after missing out on Sergio Aguero and Giuseppe Rossi last year. Robin Van Persie, Luis Suarez, Gonzalo Higuain and Edinson Cavani are the linked names, but much will depend on price. Giovinco’s arrival may actually have a different initial effect – leading to the departure of another striker. It now seems highly dubious that Marco Borriello will be kept on, after his loan from Roma, despite some crucial late goals which helped secure the title. It wouldn’t be a total shock if Alessandro Matri left either – although his exit would be more likely as a result of another addition to the options up front.

Could Giovinco become a Juventus idol? Only time will tell. This is probably Giovinco’s last chance to make the sort of impact that he’s always dreamed about for the club he grew up supporting. How he deals with the pressure and the criticism – which he will undoubtedly receive – will be key, as will how well he starts the campaign. The big advantage this time around is that he’s now arguably ready to play for the club, while he will be part of a well-settled and successful squad which wasn’t the case in his Turin spell between 2008 and 2010. 

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i dont understand you people, i remember every juve fan sooo upset when he left, why dont you think he deserves to play in juve, hes a warrior and thats why his nickname is atomic ant, he kept his feelings about juventus inside while he was at parma <-- i call that great proffesionalism.
he only showed his juve feeling when it was confirmed that he is coming back, i dont know if hes worthy of champions league but he will get a chance
Kwadwo Asamoah and Isla Better Prove Their worth aswell
on the 22nd June, 2012 at 10:10pm
I have been a Seba fan ever since I first saw him create a glorious assist for Trez in Serie B. Juve's treatment of him almost killed his talent. But luckily at Parma he was able to develop and prove his doubters wrong. The only real (the lack of physicality is total bs) weakness I see in him, is that if he lacks the faith of his manager he will not perform. Luckily Conte seems to believe a lot in him, and I'm certain he'll become the Juve idol he deserves to be. Forza Juve, Conte and Seba.
on the 22nd June, 2012 at 11:10am
i think he's worthy to get a chance playing for Juve, not good enough for number 10, let number 10 rest for one season, that look who can suit for the number 10 , forza gio forza Juve
on the 22nd June, 2012 at 6:23am
Giovinco in. Giovinco to stay. A new striker to be signed, and Boriello likely to be sold. Reading this article is music to my ears. It had better be true! Dont give us Juve fans false hope. As for Giovinco, I agree that he is not a world class player, but could he become a world class super sub, who comes on with 30 minutes and finds the gaps and passes? Now that would be very nice :)
on the 22nd June, 2012 at 3:11am
I am very happy with Juventus' transfer campaign so far. Isla and Asamoah are proven Serie A players and will fit in any system. Giovinco will have more quality players around him which could help him flourish. Another centre half is needed and I would go for Bruno Alves. Blaszczykowski would be another good signing and if we can't get Cavani, then I would like Lewandowski rather than Van Persie. The Pole is younger, hungrier and already a champion, plus he is much better value.
on the 22nd June, 2012 at 2:40am
I have never been a massive fan of Giovinco, but I am actually glad he is returning to Turin. During his previous spell, he had three managers in two seasons and the overall quality of the squad was no where near is strong as it is now. He has obvious qualities and if anyone can help him realise his potential it's Antonio Conte. Vucinic was always tagged as lazy and not a team player and look what Conte did for his game. It's also good to see another home grown player back in black and white.
on the 22nd June, 2012 at 2:16am
The number 10 shud be left unfilled for the foreseeable future. No one deserves to it until they prove themselves. Gio also doesn't need that pressure. I'm not fussed about him, hope he does well but can't see it happening!
on the 22nd June, 2012 at 1:37am
I agree with Eugene,Diego was given chance after chance.It seemed too easy to leave the Ant on the bench.Juve have always used the best Italian talent and he qualifies.he will make a significant contribution next season as a second striker.
on the 21st June, 2012 at 9:40pm
Giovinco will become the new #10!!
on the 21st June, 2012 at 9:25pm
Super read super little player. Juventus have certainly made their intentions clear so far this summer. Asamoah, Isla and now giovinco. Can 't wait to see what else they come up with on the market.
on the 21st June, 2012 at 8:07pm
Sorry but this article was disgraced when you started to mention GUI is overrated and likely to fail at juve and is not world class. Do you actually watch football???Parma a very average side had one of their best season for a long time thanks to the goals and assists provided by gio in a team where he is playing with average players!!!his dribbling skills and movement is fantastic while he possesses great vision and a decent shot!!!when he came on for juve v Chelsea a couple of seasons ago his
on the 21st June, 2012 at 7:42pm
God I hope he is just going to be used as a pawn to get a decent player!
The kid is so annoying to watch, whiny and lazy. He is not a player compatible with the Juve style and work ethic.
He is so small and weak its ridiculous. He falls to the ground with only the slightest of touches from a defender. This usually results in a free kick being awarded by the ref because he feels sorry for the kid!
Frustrating to watch and way over rated. No thanks. Bringing back Diego makes more sense!
on the 21st June, 2012 at 6:23pm
I actually do not concern about him returning to Juve or having a playing time but more concern about the management's lack of vision, if they could allow a player owned and nurtured all the while to leave for as low as 3.5 and only to return for as much as 11 million, this is ludicrous
on the 21st June, 2012 at 3:56pm
Some very interesting points - especialy regarding the finances.Never really looked at it that way. I just hope that Giovinco is givien a chance at Juventus this time around. Too much was expected from him the last time he was in Turin. He was just as good [bad] as Diego yet the Brazilian was still given chance after chance wjhile Gio was quickly benched. It will be a make or break season for Seba though - his one last Juventus chance.
on the 21st June, 2012 at 3:22pm
keep Borriello and get rid of Matri for some euros ? i don't think it is a good idea ...
on the 21st June, 2012 at 3:07pm
Good article, but I think Giovinco IS world class. Did you see him single-handedly destroy Inter? I don't know why people continually underestimate him, but Giovinco is a great player, and a deserved heir to Del Piero. Look at his immense skill and creativity! I hope he does great under Conte.
on the 21st June, 2012 at 2:59pm
Giovinco is a good payer but I think he may be used to temp Napoli for Cavani just guessing, Giovinco plus £25 million for Cavani, Jovetic will remain in florence with Matri??? could see know the best thing about serie a is the transfer stories each window is intersting.
on the 21st June, 2012 at 2:26pm
Great article Antonio, I must admit that your brought up some great points. When i heard that Juve was about to buy 50% of Giovinco's contract for 11 mil. I thought that Marotta was an idiot for spending so much money on a player that Juve sold that same 50% for only 3.75mil. However this is still a very questionable deal, If Giovinco fails to impress & lets be honest he is likely to, then next year he won't be worth 10mil on a market.
on the 21st June, 2012 at 2:14pm
calcio italiano has so many quality players to talk about that could be the future of italian soccer. balotelli, borini, verretti,...etc. so many wonderful young italian players starting to break through. so now instead, some fans insist and only want talk about giovinco?! he is mediocre player who has been tossed around. and who really cares if he gets the number #10 shirt or not. unless your a die-hard juventus fan, this article has no significant. honest.
on the 21st June, 2012 at 2:08pm
I hope we pick up Jovetic for Del Piero's role and some how find a specialist finisher, Cavani being the best option. God I miss Trezegol!
on the 21st June, 2012 at 2:06pm
He should NOT be handed the number 10 - surely the next no. 10 needs to prove he is a fit heir to il pinturicchio
on the 21st June, 2012 at 1:43pm
I hope the management not stupid enough to trade him with another player..
on the 21st June, 2012 at 1:41pm
Giovinco's performance at Juve in his past stint was marred by lack of faith on him by management and coaches. But he is good enough to take the team on his shoulder.
on the 21st June, 2012 at 1:19pm
Still kind of hoping we can use him in a deal to Jovetic, that guy is fit to wear the #10 at juve. If not giovinco can be useful to us for sure, but i hope they dont give him the #10, it will to much for him to live up to
on the 21st June, 2012 at 12:59pm
Most important question....Will he be handed the number 10 shirt?
on the 21st June, 2012 at 12:25pm

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