Friday June 22 2012
Ledesma intrigued by Petkovic

Yet to meet his new Lazio Coach, Cristian Ledesma admits he is intrigued by Vladimir Petkovic, and promises to show him full dedication.

Petkovic comes in this summer for his first taste of Serie A football, after agreeing to replace outgoing Edy Reja in the capital hotset.

Anticipating pre-season, Ledesma, who was a regular under Reja last term, admits that he doesn’t quite know what to expect from Petkovic, but promises to embrace his philosophy anyway.

“We’ve just played a good season but now we must focus on recharging our batteries and again trying to make ourselves protagonists in what I consider to be the most difficult League in the world,” Ledesma began on Lazio Style Radio today.

“I have not met Petkovic yet, but from the images I have seen he seems to be a demanding Coach, but well-informed. We will give our all and make ourselves useful to the project in hand.

“I have no fear of losing my place in the starting line-up, I’ve always been accustomed to thinking of the group as a whole.”