Saturday June 23 2012
Blind auction results

The blind auctions have been held and Roma bought Fabio Borini from Parma, while Bologna now own Alessandro Diamanti.

In Italy all co-ownership deals must be in place by the June 22 deadline or they go to a blind auction. This is where both clubs write a figure in a sealed envelope and the highest bid wins the remaining half of his contract.

The biggest name in the auction, with envelopes opened at 10.00 UK time today, was Italian international Borini.

The striker was co-owned by Parma and Roma, but the Giallorossi now own him outright after offering €4.9m for 50 per cent of his contract compared with Parma’s €4.26m.

It is still a good deal for the Ducali, who signed Borini as a free agent a year ago when he was released by Chelsea.

The other Euro 2012 figure in the auction was Diamanti, who belonged to both Brescia and Bologna.

As expected, Bologna won the bidding war with an offer of €3.36m, just beating Brescia’s €3.1m.

Fiorentina have won their auctions for both Houssine Kharja and Andrea Lazzari, who were co-owned with Genoa and Cagliari respectively.

The other players who went to this morning’s blind auction were:

Mirco Antenucci (Torino-Catania) – winner Catania

Francesco Bolzoni (Genoa-Siena) – winner Siena

Houssine Kharja (Genoa-Fiorentina) – winner Fiorentina

Andrea Lazzari (Fiorentina-Cagliari) – winner Fiorentina

Andrea Caracciolo (Brescia-Genoa) – winner Brescia