Sunday June 24 2012
Pirlo: 'England are predictable'

Andrea Pirlo believes England were “fortunate” to reach the quarter-finals and are “very predictable.”

The Italy and Juventus midfielder gave his views ahead of tonight’s Euro 2012 clash at the Olympic Stadium in Kiev.

“People talk about England playing the Italian way, but that's rubbish. Only Italy can play the Italian way. And we do not care for anyone who tries to impersonate us. It's like trying to play against Spain the Spanish way,” he told Sky Sports.

“Roy Hodgson knows Italian football, which is a small advantage, and he is very tactically astute. But I have seen some of England's games in this tournament. They have been more practical than impressive, and we are confident of beating them.

“They have weaknesses that we can exploit, particularly in the midfield. They are missing some key players and I think we will have the measure of them in that area.

“They also look very nervous at times in defence and, France aside, they have not had to play too many big nations.

“I think they were more adventurous under Fabio Capello and I would have been more concerned if he was still in charge.

“It is very odd to see an English side play counter-attacking football. Maybe they will adopt a different approach against us, but I doubt it because in some ways they are very predictable.

“They have been very fortunate in getting this far. Against France they were completely outplayed, then they struggled against Sweden and were extremely lucky to win against Ukraine.”

Pirlo was asked whether the England players will try to make the most of Mario Balotelli’s notorious temper by provoking him.

“Mario is very unpredictable but a very special talent. He's young and needs to mature but sometimes you have to treat players differently.

“He needs to be pampered a bit. He is fired up for this game and wants to do well with a worldwide audience watching.

“I just get slightly concerned that he is easily provoked and the English players will try and take advantage of this.

“He needs to stay calm and ignore any provocation because there would be dire consequences if he reacts to something and gets sent off and Italy lose the game.”

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