Monday June 25 2012
Mazzarri, Quagliarella to be questioned

Napoli Coach Walter Mazzarri and Juventus’ Fabio Quagliarella are the latest to be questioned about their potential involvement in the betting scandal.

As part of ongoing investigations into illegal betting and match-fixing alleged to have taken place in recent seasons in Serie A and B, prosecutors can summon various individuals for questioning.

Mazzarri and Quagliarella are the most notable names in the latest list of people past and present from the game to be called up for select days from July 2 through to July 9, as confirmed by FIGC and listed below.

This latest round of investigations will centre on former Napoli goalkeeper Matteo Gianello’s alleged involvement in the scandal.

Commentators are speculating that the publication of the below list is an indication of an acceleration of investigations, so as to hand out any possible punishments due to Napoli - possibly a points deduction - in time for the start of the 2012-13 Serie A campaign.

Previous rounds of investigation have left Atalanta and Pescara with points penalties to start next season on.

Claudio Furlan (Portogruaro), Luca Ariatti (Pescara), Dario Passoni (Folzano), Marco Zamboni (Spal), Gianfranco Parlato, Federico Cossato, Michele Cossato, Silvio Giusti, Matteo Gianello (Villafranca Veronese), Walter Mazzarri (Napoli), Gianluca Grava (Napoli), Paolo Cannavaro (Napoli), Giuseppe Mascara (Novara), Giuseppe Santorum, Fabio Quagliarella (Juventus)

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