Tuesday June 26 2012
Lippi backs Italy to win

Marcello Lippi has given his stamp of approval to the current Italy team, believing that they can beat Germany this week.

Lippi oversaw the Italians’ last meeting with the Germans, when in 2006 the two clashed in the World Cup semi-final.

Reflecting of that clash and how this Thursday’s Euro 2012 semi-final compares, Lippi believes the same result of an Azzurri win is possible.

“My feelings are good, Italy can beat Germany. The team is good both physically and mentally,” enthused the veteran on Adnkronos today.

“We seem to believe a great deal, they are highly motivated. Both teams arrive in good condition, even six years ago this was so.

“Compared to then, Germany has grown, both in how they play and as a conviction of their own strength, but we are also very good.

“From a psychological standpoint we have several similarities.

“Pirlo? He deserves the Ballon d’Or. For him it has been a very positive year, he has won the League, played in the Coppa Italia final, if he should go all the way in this competition then Europe should recognise his talent as a great player.”