Saturday June 30 2012
Buffon: 'Avanti Italia!'

Gianluigi Buffon sent another passionate message to fans ahead of the Euro 2012 Final. “It is better to suffer so we can rejoice than kid ourselves and die. Avanti Italia!”

Italy go head-to-head with Spain in Kiev on Sunday evening, repeating their first game of the tournament that ended 1-1.

“We are there, lads... We are there, fans... We are there, people...” wrote Buffon on his Facebook page.

“We are doing it for us, but also for you, who fire me up and take away two hours of every day so I can watch the street celebrations on YouTube.

“For you who never abandoned us, for you who would’ve honoured the shirt the same way we are doing it... but also for The Dream.

“The Dream that I found at the end of July 2011 when reading ‘The Dolphin’ by Sergio Bambaren. But we are still compact and vigil, as nothing has been achieved other than giving dignity and joy back to our country.

“At these moments I like to remember the banner that I read as a child, when I used to collect the Supertifo fanzine and guard it jealously...

“It was written by Foggia fans and read: ‘It is better to suffer so we can rejoice than kid ourselves and die.’

“This is also the reason behind my burst of anger after the Germany game.

“A hug for everyone. AVANTI ITALIA!!!”

Buffon was livid at the final whistle of the 2-1 semi-final victory over Germany and later explained it was because he couldn’t believe Italy had risked extra time when in command for so long.