Saturday June 30 2012
Preziosi: 'Milan won't sign Destro'

Genoa President Enrico Preziosi has told Milan they cannot sign Mattia Destro or Miguel Veloso. “Inter have the priority with me.”

Adriano Galliani met with Preziosi on Friday evening and said they “might sign Destro,” but the player is co-owned between Genoa and Siena.

“We lost the opportunity with Siena to avoid co-ownership and are now stuck here,” Preziosi told Sky Sport Italia.

“While Siena co-own his rights, we will not be negotiating his sale with anyone. Siena must first sell him to us, otherwise he will stay there.

“We were joking around with Galliani and also mentioned Destro, but there is no possibility of them entering the race.

“Inter have the priority with me, because they have been interested for a long time. If the conditions didn’t appear for an Inter move, then other options would come in.”

There were also reports that Milan were in negotiations for Genoa midfielder Miguel Veloso.

“We absolutely did not talk about him with Galliani. I think Veloso is by now outside of our football, as he did not deliver in Italy. It’s probably better for him to join another club in another country.

“We are in negotiations with a club in Russia to sell Andreas Granqvist and he could leave on Monday.”