Monday July 2 2012
Balotelli set to be a dad

Manchester City and Italy striker Mario Balotelli is set to become a father, ex-girlfriend Raffaella Fico has revealed.

“I phoned him before the Germany game and told him I was expecting his child,” Fico told Chi magazine. “After a brief moment of silence, he told me that I had given him the best news in the world.”

Balotelli and Fico had been in a relationship until they separated on April 29. “I found out in mid-May,” she added.

“I went to a chemist outside of Milan and bought a pregnancy test. I found out that I was expecting, but I only told my mother and brother.”

Given the news, the couple are set to try to patch up their relationship. “Mario and I are rebuilding,” she continued.

“Mario has never stopped loving me. He’ll be a playful father and a sweet, loving and kind partner.

“Those who think that I would have wanted to trap a rich footballer will have to think again. I do not need the money.

“The truth is that we both wanted this child. He told me at Christmas that he wanted to marry me and have kids – I accepted.

“What happened then happened, but one thing is for certain – the child will have the Balotelli surname with pride.”