Friday July 6 2012
Merkel: Genoa not a step down

Alexander Merkel is looking forward to starting again with Genoa next season and does not see his return from Milan as a step backwards.

The creative midfielder originally joined the Grifone last summer on a co-ownership deal, but was sent back to the Rossoneri in January on loan.

However, injury disrupted his influence at San Siro and he finds himself back at Marassi, after Enrico Preziosi bought the remaining 50 per cent of his registration.

Whilst it is a move from last season’s runners-up to one of last season’s relegation-threatened sides, Merkel sees the move as a positive.

“I can understand why one would say such a thing, but I’m now more or less in the same situation as I was a year ago and, for me, this is not a step backwards,” he explained on his official website.

“It’s a very sensible decision. My debut with Milan was amazing, both in the Coppa Italia and League. Unfortunately, though, the injury put me back and I was unable to prove my abilities.

“Alas, these past few months have been without any real competitive action, which I have missed, and which is why to play as much as possible is right now the top priority for me.

“This is an opportunity that I can see more clearly with Genoa than Milan.

“Genoa is certainly an excellent team and they have great fans! That I can say based on my personal experience. In that city and in that club I found myself really happy.

“In this regard, I want to say one more thing - many have misinterpreted this decision. For me, it’s only about long-term objectives, it became clear that after my injury, no top club would want to sign me.”