Friday July 6 2012
Astori-Spartak deal off, for now

Davide Astori’s agent has confirmed that his proposed deal to Sparak Moscow is definitely off for now, but believes that it isn’t a complete dead end.

The 25-year-old highly-rated defender was on the verge of completing a surprise move to the Russian Premier League side yesterday.

Cagliari had agreed a reputed €15m deal and the player was believed ready to put pen to paper on a four-year contract paying €2m a season.

However, club President Massimo Cellino vetoed the deal, angering Spartak officials who were just about the sign off on the transfer in Milan with sporting director Francesco Marroccu.

Astori’s agent has confirmed that currently there is no indication of talks being resolved, but he suggested it may not stay that way forever.

“Actually, I’ve only just found out that it is definitely off,” revealed Renzo Contratto to this evening.

“I do not understand how it turned around so quickly. Currently, there are no appointments in the coming days to try to mend the situation between the parties.

“However, we cannot say that this transfer is definitely closed permanently. We’ll see if Cagliari and Spartak Moscow will return to sit around a table and reopen the negotiations.”