Friday July 6 2012
Zamparini: Why goal-line refs too?

Maurizio Zamparini has blasted FIFA for sanctioning the use of goal-line officials when technology is also due to come into effect.

Yesterday saw the International Football Association Board vote in favour of FIFA introducing goal-line technology into the sport, so as to assist referees in determining more accurately when the ball has fully crossed the line.

A side-note to that meeting also saw the approval for games to introduce fourth and fifth officials to perform the same task behind each goal. It is a system that has been trialled in UEFA competitions the Champions League and Europa League.

In reaction to this duel-confirmation, Palermo President Zamparini has hit out at FIFA for wasting money.

“It’s rubbish. It is only here so as to spend more money and not so as to determine results in terms of better regulation of the game,” he told ANSA today.

“It would be enough to establish an electronic system. Football is, unfortunately, like this. It’s a business.

“It’s not the case that things improve by increasing the number of referees. It’s just a waste of money.