Sunday July 8 2012
Forlan: I was out of position

Diego Forlan has briefly reflected on his Inter nightmare that ended last week, suggesting a lot of it was down to where he was played on the pitch.

The Uruguayan struggled in front of goal and suffered a couple of long-term injuries during his single season with the Nerazzurri.

Last week saw his contract cancelled and an immediate move to Brazilian club Internacional follow. Considering his year at San Siro, the 32-year-old took the chance to hit out at having been played out of position.

“When I was at Inter, the team was not at all well,” he told reporters on the day of his official arrival at Internacional.

“I was playing in a position I had never played in, but I did it anyway because I had no choice. Now I’m here, I hope to play in my natural role, i.e. as a striker.”