Sunday July 8 2012
Hernanes not giving up on Brazil

Hernanes is disappointed to have not made Mano Menezes’ 2012 Olympics team, but is determined to improve at Lazio to return to future Brazil squads.

Brazil host the World Cup that year and Hernanes, who has had an indifferent season with Lazio, is determined to regain his place in the national team in anticipation of making that tournament.

“I’m not offended for not being called up to the London Olympics. I think that I have regained the trust of Menezes, although I didn’t get called up to recent friendlies,” reflected the playmaker to La Repubblica, as he rejoined the Aquile for pre-season preparations.

“Going to London was difficult since there were only three places available for over-age players. But, who knows that I won’t be playing in another Olympics?

“The 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics are my two dreams right now. I would like to take part in both. I have four years to make a run at this and to jolt my career.”

Menezes recently suggested that Hernanes’ best role for the team would be in a deep-laying midfield position directing play, similar to Andrea Pirlo’s work for Italy.

“I saw that interview and was happy to see that I have been defined as the third midfielder. A player who can play both in front and behind the rest of the midfield.

“At Lazio I am more advanced on the pitch, but that is my original position. It is the role in which I feel the most ease, no matter what formation we play.”

Hernanes then reflected of his time so far in Serie A that has seen him struggle for consistency to match his ability.

“The first year in Italy I managed to get 12 goals. Had it not been for my injury then I could have done even better last season.

“Definitely it is a goal I set myself. I’m happy to have earned the affection of the Lazio fans.

“In recent years we have had the opportunity to play for the League title, but we have been unable to exploit it.

“We are a good team, but we need to mature to get the best results. We must reach the right level of maturity to seize the opportunities that present themselves during the season.

“Personally, however, I feel that I must improve the consistency of my performances.”

The 27-year-old was asked how his experience of the Rome derbies have been. Lazio won both derbies last term.

“There is nothing comparable. You won’t find another city in the world that has the same culture of football as in Rome. The way the fans see and experience the derby is different

“Last season’s win [in October] was the best night of my footballing life. My greatest satisfaction.”

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