Sunday July 8 2012
PSG-Verratti deal not complete

Marco Verratti’s transfer to Paris Saint-Germain is not complete, confirms the player’s agent, who hints that other interest still remains.

The highly-rated 19-year-old midfielder was thought late last week to be on the verge of concluding a €14m transfer to Ligue 1 outfit PSG.

However, following on from the player’s admission that Juventus remained an option, and Pescara President Daniele Sebastiani’s goading of the Bianconeri to re-enter talks, Verratti’s agent has also cooled speculation of the move to France.

“I am Marco Verratti’s agent and employee, but I also take care of his interests and try to do so in the best possible way,” reflected Donato Di Campli, who was in Paris speaking Leonardo last week.

“Moving to France is not yet concluded. There is a strong interest, but it is not done today, it’s something that has gone around for the last couple of months.

“There have been so many lies told on this story, but I don’t want to repeat them. Unfortunately, it is the wrong approach to these situations, to have blinkered sight.

“There are so many interested and in such a way that you cannot imagine. What I will reiterate is that if Verratti goes to PSG then it is a defeat for Italian football.”

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