Friday July 13 2012
Champions League prize money

Milan, Inter and Napoli will all be receiving cheques of over €25m from UEFA for last season’s participation in the Champions League.

UEFA have today announced how a total of €754m will be distributed between the 32 clubs who took part in the 2011-12 competition.

Milan, knocked out in the quarter-finals by Barcelona, will be handed €39.864m. Inter and Napoli, kicked out in the last 16, will be awarded €31.569m and €27.734m respectively in prize money.

Winners Chelsea bagged €59.935m and runners-up Bayern Munich netted €41.735m.

Milan actually earned more than Real Madrid’s €38.434m, while Barcelona were rewarded for their efforts with €40.550m.

All clubs were given fixed amounts for taking part in certain stages of the tournament, but earned more in terms of performances bonuses with €800,000 for a win and €400,000 for a draw.