Saturday July 14 2012
Matuzalem wants to reconcile

Francelino Matuzalem is reportedly keen to repair relations with Lazio and stay with the capital club, just days after being placed on the market.

The Brazilian midfielder angered the club this summer with his delayed return to pre-season from holiday and his reported declaration on Facebook that he wanted to leave.

Subsequently this week as he has been training alone and his agent confirmed that he had been placed on the market and would likely be leaving the capital.

However, today, the midfielder has again turned to Facebook to post his latest position on the affair.

“Why are they saying that I want to leave Lazio? Here is my home! Here I will end my career,” he wrote.

This new intention ties in with reports that 32-year-old has only recently bought a new house in Rome and that if possible, Lazio would prefer to keep him rather than look in the market for a replacement.

Coach Vladimir Petkovic also intimated in last night’s Press conference from the club’s pre-season training camp that he would like to use the Brazilian next term.