Saturday July 14 2012
OFFICIAL: Thiago Silva sold to PSG

Milan have confirmed this evening that they have sold defender Thiago Silva to Paris Saint-Germain for a reported €42m.

A bid for the Brazilian and teammate Zlatan Ibrahimovic was accepted earlier this week and whilst Silva’s agent confirmed that negotiations for each player would be treated separately, the indication was that Silva’s talks would come after Ibrahimovic’s, with negotiations with Silva claimed not to have even begun.

However, following on from rumours that PSG’s team doctor had flown out to Brazil to meet with Silva to undergo his medical examination, Milan have confirmed via a brief statement on their website that the player’s sale has been concluded.

“AC Milan announced that it has sold to PSG, Thiago Silva,” the brief posting read this evening, with PSG's site then confirming that the player has signed a five-year deal with them which is reportedly worth €7.5m per season.

Whilst the combined amount with Ibrahimovic included is understood to stand at €62m, reports indicate that the French have paid Milan €42m for just Silva's transfer. Just last month, President Silvio Berlusconi vetoed Silva’s reputed €47m move between the clubs.