Wednesday July 18 2012
Sannino reveals Palermo priorities

Ahead the team’s first pre-season games of the summer, Palermo Coach Giuseppe Sannino has reflected on his intentions with the club.

The Rosanero began initial preparatory work for 2012-13 this week and ahead of beginning their pre-season friendly campaign, Sannino has impressed that the margin of victory that may be expected in early games is not the priority.

“It is fun for me to prepare for and for the players it is logical for them to play,” the 55-year-old told the assembled Press today.

“The intended sense of the game is to continue to work but in a joyful manner. I don’t care if we win these 18-0, I care that the players are doing what I ask.

“I don’t believe in the quality of an individual to win games, but rather that the team must help the individual to emerge.”

The technician, who successfully kept Siena up last term, reflected on his approach in training this summer.

“I am trying to make it clear that we must move well on the field. After three days it is difficult to assess if everything is good though.

“However, I can say that I’ve discovered some amazing players, who are keen and prepared, but need guidance.

“Behind it all is respect, with everyone the relationship will be built up along the way, even if I will yell every now and again.

“I always say ‘when you are bright, coaching is loose and easy, when you are tired it is different’, so we must be clever in the second half of games. In my team I want everyone to smile when they are training.

“We must work hard, but with a smile, we want to build something important.”