Thursday July 19 2012
ADL on buying players and clubs

Aurelio De Laurentiis has once again spoken of the possibility of buying a second football club, as he defends current outfit Napoli’s transfer policy.

The Vesuviani patron, who has taken Napoli from Serie C1 to Champions League football and Serie A inside eight years, recently dropped a hint that he would like to have a similar impact elsewhere in world football.

At Napoli’s pre-season camp today, the movie producer returned to the subject and confirmed that he is still interested in the idea.

“The second year in Serie C1, [then sporting director Pierpaolo] Marino asked if I wanted to buy another club,” recalled De Laurentiis at a Press conference today.

“He told me to go to Scotland because there was some mechanism that he had explained to me. Perhaps that’s why something has stayed with me about the idea of Scotland.

“The idea that I want more clubs around the world has been around for years. Because I’m revolutionising the film company does not mean that I cannot do the same in football.

“I have thought many times of investing in the American market, but eventually you have to go to where football is alive and vibrant, i.e. in Europe and South America.

“I’m looking with interest to invest in a second club.”

The President also took questions on his transfer plans with the Partenopei, reacting strongly to the suggestion that it has been a quiet summer for the club.

“What people do not realise is that Napoli’s transfer work began in January with an outlay of €12m. [Walter] Mazzarri has so far had only a trickle from Eduardo Vargas. This year we will see the true Vargas.

“Then, there has been €10m paid for Valon Behrami and Alessandro Gamberini, plus €7m to make permanent Goran Pandev’s move from Inter. It seems that the Macedonian doesn’t exist anymore, but he’s still a great player.

“We have already spent €29m. To me it would cost nothing to spend €30m to take Stevan Jovetic, but then who do I throw out to make space?

“There’s also Lorenzo Insigne…the market is always open, as Vargas’ example shows. Even if we don’t need them where there is the possibility to take a promising player we will do so.

“We can buy them and put them aside. The workshop at Napoli is always open even to buy those who we do not currently need. We can take them and then turn them out on loan.”

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