Thursday July 26 2012
Roma want Balzaretti, say Palermo

Palermo have confirmed that Roma have joined Napoli in the chase to sign Italian left-back Federico Balzaretti.

The player’s future is unclear given that he has less than a year left on his contract, while attempts to extend his deal have so far stalled.

“As well as Napoli, there is also interest from Roma,” President Maurizio Zamparini told Radio Radio. “Lazio? Nobody has called from there.

“Palermo will certainly not give the player away and we have no need to sell him, but we’ll let him go if he asks us for a move.

“We’ll continue to negotiate, but if Balzaretti is back with us on July 31 then he won’t be going anywhere else.”

Palermo had previously insisted that the player would stay or only accept Paris Saint-Germain as a destination as his wife works in the French capital.