Wednesday August 1 2012
Conte to agree new plea bargain?

It’s reported Antonio Conte could secure a different plea bargain for four months and €100,000, an increase of one month from the rejected proposal.

This afternoon there was a shock in the betting scandal when the FIGC judges rejected a proposed plea bargain of three months and €200,000 that had been agreed with the prosecutor.

It could either mean the matter will go to a full trial or a new plea bargain will be negotiated.

According to rumours from Tuttosport, the solution will be an increase on the plea bargain to four months and a €100,000 fine.

It would keep Conte off the bench, out of the locker room and the interview hall on match days until December 1, although he would still be in charge of day-to-day training.

Conte was charged with two counts of failing to report an attempted fix to the authorities in 2010-11 while he was at Siena.

The matter is further complicated by the Juventus lawyers attempting to recuse the judges from a full trial because they have “already judged” on the charges by rejecting the plea bargain.

Prosecutor Stefano Palazzi insists this is not the case and “there is no incompatibility” between judging on a plea bargain and a full trial.