Sunday August 5 2012
Garrone: 'Will Cassano return to Samp?'

Vice-President Edoardo Garrone admits “Sampdoria fans ask me in the street why Antonio Cassano isn’t coming back, but we have to look ahead.”

The striker and fan favourite was sold to Milan last year following a blazing row with President Riccardo Garrone, although the two have now put the incident behind them.

“Sampdoria fans always ask me in the street why Cassano isn’t coming back, but I have to reply Cassano is happy where he is and we have to look ahead,” Garrone Jr told Sky Sport Italia.

“Will he return next year? Anything can happen in life and I don’t feel like ruling anything out.

“He loves this city and set down roots here, got married and had a son, so sooner or later I’m sure he will return regardless of whether it’s with Sampdoria or not.

“However, Cassano is not part of our project, at least for now.”