Monday August 6 2012
De La mocks Juve, Conte and FIGC

Napoli President Aurelio De Laurentiis mocked Antonio Conte, Juventus, the 'infantile' FIGC and Federico Balzaretti ahead of the Italian Super Cup in Beijing.

The Partenopei are flying into China today and were preceded by their fiery Hollywood mogul patron ahead of Saturday’s showdown at the Bird’s Nest stadium.

“I am happy to have brought Napoli here, as Italian football needs it,” said De Laurentiis in a Press conference.

It is a surprising twist, considering he had done everything to cancel the trip to Beijing and play the match with Juventus on Italian soil instead.

“I’m only sorry that we were unable to bring our fans with us, but we bring them in our hearts. I know that’s not enough for them, as they have their own ‘code’ of the ultras that we respect, but it will be on television for anyone who wants to see it in Naples.”

Juve have brought along Leonardo Bonucci, Simone Pepe and Coach Conte, despite the fact they could well be suspended if the betting trial delivers its verdict before Saturday.

“Juve showed they are a great squad and missing two players won’t create many problems for them,” noted De Laurentiis.

“As for Conte, it’s as if he were here anyway. He is coming to Beijing, isn’t he? Besides, we’ve won many times without Walter Mazzarri on the bench.”

If Conte is banned for a potential 15 months, it will only prevent him from sitting on the bench or in the locker room on match day, but he will continue to train the team on a day-to-day basis.

The Napoli President agrees with Juventus chief Andrea Agnelli that this betting trial and the flimsy evidence shows the need for a revamp of the entire sporting justice system.

“I have always agreed with Agnelli, as I considered the sporting justice system to be a left-over relic of the football that existed when clubs did not have shareholders. It is rooted in the people who believe football is the same as 30 or 40 years ago, but they are wrong.

“Why was there the need to wait for after Euro 2012 to have the trial? We made the whole world think the entire Nazionale was involved. In terms of communication, the FIGC is infantile and makes us look terrible on the international scene.

“After Calciopoli, how can you not construct a better system that looks after clubs? A few years ago I said that I was very worried, because betting companies were popping up like mushrooms and the State said nothing...”

In Italy it was illegal to bet on sports results up until a few years ago, but there has been a recent boom in such services.

De Laurentiis also commented on Balzaretti’s decision to turn down Napoli in order to join Roma instead.

“I tried because I liked his passion during the Italy games, but if it wasn’t meant to be... then it wasn’t meant to be!

“If he preferred to look after his ego and give his wife what she wanted by preferring Rome to Naples, then we have to respect that. I had offered more money...

“Aly Cissokho? He is not one of the options we had considered for the left flank before Balzaretti turned us down.

“As for Edu Vargas, he is starting to provide some interesting assists on the field. He just needs to get used to Mazzarri’s Italian.”

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