Tuesday August 7 2012
10 for Conte, nothing for Bonucci, Pepe?

Reports today suggest that Juventus boss Antonio Conte could be banned for 10 months, whilst Leonardo Bonucci and Simone Pepe face acquittal.

From Wednesday to Friday this week will see the first judgements passed on those involved in the betting scandal who did not opt for plea bargains, with Juve’s trio of Coach and two players facing different prospects.

Today’s edition of the Corriere dello Sport is speculating that Conte will face a possible ban until June 9, 2013 from the Discipline Commission, which would be subject to Conte’s appeal.

The ban would be five months fewer than prosecutor Stefano Palazzi had originally put forward, this after the Coach’s original three-month suspension as a plea bargain was rejected.

Meanwhile, the same publication is also alleging that Juventus players Bonucci and Pepe face acquittal from their respective charges of sporting fraud and failing to report an attempted fix.

It is understood that the testimony from Andrea Masiello is not holding up and the players could see all charges dropped for their alleged part played in trying to fix a Bari-Udinese match from 2010.

Bonucci, who was at Bari at the time, is facing the prospect of a three-year, six-month suspension, whilst Pepe, an Udinese player that day, is currently anticipating a potential one-year ban.