Sunday August 12 2012
Zeman: 'Conte ban not enough'

Zdenek Zeman reveals his ‘mad’ plans for Roma, but also takes a sideswipe at Antonio Conte and Juventus. “A banned Coach shouldn’t be able to train his team.”

Conte is sitting out a 10-month ban, so was replaced on the touchline in the Italian Super Cup by assistant Massimo Carrera.

However, the suspension applies only to the bench and locker room on match day, so he can continue training the squad on a day-to-day basis.

“A suspended player can train, but I think a Coach with a long ban shouldn’t be able to train his team,” commented Zeman in today’s Press conference.

“I haven’t read the full verdicts of the betting trial, but if people want to weaken this phenomenon then they have to be more decisive.”

Roma continued their pre-season training camp in Austria with a 6-0 win over SC Liezen, in which Mattia Destro scored a hat-trick.

“Am I satisfied with the decision to sell Fabio Borini and bring in Destro? Yes, we made this choice based on technique and I think Destro is a more technical player than Borini.

“I already have a basic idea of my starting XI. I have a squad that covers every role with two players, then it depends on their fitness levels and my level of madness on which ones I use.”