Tuesday August 14 2012
Palazzi appeals Pepe, Bonucci acquittals

The betting trials have taken a new twist overnight with the news that Federal Prosecutor Stefano Palazzi is appealing last week’s rulings.

Palazzi, as prosecutor, put forward suggested sentences for several individuals, including a 42-month ban for Leonardo Bonucci and a 12-month ban for Simone Pepe.

The Juventus duo were being accused off the back of Andrea Masiello’s testimony for involvement in the alleged attempted fix of Bari-Udinese in May, 2010, whilst other individuals were facing charges in other games that Masiello was giving evidence for.

However, the Disciplinary Commission, in handing out a 10-month ban to Antonio Conte and demoting Lecce to the Lega Pro for alleged involvement in other games, ruled Masiello’s evidence for alleged  Bari-Udinese, Bari-Bologna and Bari-Lecce fixes as inconsistent.

This saw Bonucci, Pepe, Marco Di Vaio, Daniele Padelli, Giuseppe Vives and Nicola Belmonte and Udinese all acquitted of charges faced in relation.

However, reports indicate that Palazzi is resolute that Masiello’s evidence can hold up and has filed an appeal overnight at the Federal Court of Justice.

His appeal is for all three of these games, as well as rulings relating to Albinoleffe-Siena, which Juve boss Conte was handed a 10-month ban for alleged involvement in - five months less than Palazzi’s recommended sentence.

Palazzi’s appeal means that affected parties, including Bonucci and Pepe, have a few days in which to prepare a defence, before the Federal Court reportedly consider the appeal on August 20 and 21.