Wednesday August 15 2012
Petkovic: 'Lazio improving'

Lazio Coach Vladimir Petkovic insists his team are “improving” after a disastrous pre-season spell. “The important thing is to play attacking football.”

The Biancocelesti were jeered off the field by their own fans in the Stadio Olimpico debut, a 1-0 defeat to Getafe, which followed on from losses against Siena and Torino.

They’ll have a final friendly against Malmoe on Thursday before the crucial Europa League play-offs with Mura.

“We are not 100 per cent yet and we couldn’t possibly be, but we are improving,” Petkovic told Lazio Style Radio on his 49th birthday.

“In the last few days the lads eliminated a few toxins from their muscles and we’ll see the results starting from tomorrow.”

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“Tactically I am working on the 4-2-3-1 and the 4-3-3, so for now we will continue along this path. When we have recovered everyone – I am thinking of players like Stefan Radu and Ederson – we’ll see how to move. We also won’t forget the market, which is open until August 31.

“We are missing a few options for a diamond midfield, although I won’t exclude it for the future.

“The important thing is to play attacking football, trying to always push four or five men up when going forward.”