Saturday August 18 2012
Saints start again for Ramirez

Bologna put a stop to Gaston Ramirez’s move to Southampton, but Italian media report they’re starting negotiations from scratch.

There was chaos on Friday when the Uruguayan announced there were “only details” before finalising the transfer, but Bologna President Albano Guaraldi made it clear “the offer was not considered to be adequate.”

While Ramirez’s attitude and that of his agent have infuriated the Rossoblu, it is now claimed they are prepared to start from scratch with the Saints.

It’s reported that last night Southampton called Bologna to apologise for the confusion and confirm their intention to do things by the book, so talks begin again on Monday.

The price-tag remains the same - €15m for 70 per cent of his contract, so not including a commission for the agent and the 30 per cent still owned by Penarol.

Bologna want the cash upfront, but this could be sorted out with payment in instalments.