Sunday August 19 2012
Conte ready for betting ban appeal

Antonio Conte’s appeal against his 10-month ban begins tomorrow and the Juventus Coach’s lawyer points out they are “seeking to completely clear his name.”

The tactician was suspended for 10 months in the betting trial after he was found guilty of failing to report a potential fix to authorities while he was at Siena. The only evidence against him is the testimony of former Siena player Filippo Carobbio, who had tried to accuse Conte of participating in sporting fraud.

The appeal process begins on Monday afternoon and it has been confirmed Conte will be in court.

“His presence is a further sign of respect to show how much he cares about this issue,” said lawyer Antonio De Rensis.

“He wants to breathe the air of this trial and be close to those who are defending him. Tomorrow we will try to set out our reasons and contrast the theories of the Disciplinary Commission.

“We will strengthen our line of appeal, the reasons of ill feeling between Carobbio and Conte. We are seeking to completely clear his name and targeting full exoneration.

“Conte is determined and relaxed, he has incredible strength. He is able to concentrate on the field and on this sad affair.

“He was really very hard to convince to go for a plea bargain, so now he is ready to stand up in court and make his reasons heard.”