Sunday August 19 2012
Sannino pushes Palermo forward

Giuseppe Sannino shelves Palermo’s Coppa Italia victory and is already looking ahead to Napoli. “We have a week to prepare.”

The Sicilians emerged 3-1 winners against Cremonese last night in the Third Round of the Coppa Italia.

“It was a game where we saw the rigours of pre-season training, but we also did well. This was the embryo of what Palermo can become,” said the Coach.

“I like to see a certain logic in what we do and that proved to be the case here. Even if we were off the pace in the second half, I still saw a lot of effort.

“We owe so much to our fans, as we represent a whole city and it’s only right for the people to see their players sweating buckets.”

Sannino is already looking ahead to next weekend and the Serie A opener against Napoli.

“Now we have a week to prepare and organise as best we can for this important match.”