Tuesday August 21 2012
Velazquez to end Genoa contract

Genoa’s transfer for Julian Velazquez appears to have collapsed already after delays in the first payment to Independiente. “We’re very angry at the lack of respect.”

The Argentine defender has been in Italy for a month after the deal was agreed, but this week Independiente complained that the first payment of €3.5m to cover 80 per cent of his registration did not arrive.

“Tomorrow my agent will come here to rescind the contract and try to find me another team, otherwise I’ll return to Argentina,” Velazquez told newspaper Ole.

His Italian representative Riccardo Giusti was also furious at the chaotic situation.

“We’re very angry. They showed a total lack of respect. What happened is unusual and now it will be very difficult to find another club, especially as that takes time.

“It is likely the player will have to return home. It’s a very tough blow for him.”