Wednesday August 22 2012
Agnelli: 'Conte witch-hunt!'

Juventus President Andrea Agnelli has again blasted the sporting justice system for “confirming our worst suspicions” after Antonio Conte’s 10-month ban was confirmed.

The Coach had hoped to be cleared of failing to alert authorities to a potential fix while at Siena, but although he was cleared of wrong-doing in one of the matches under investigation, the suspension remains intact.

“Today’s Federal Court sentence confirms our worst suspicions on the matter that involved Antonio Conte,” announced Agnelli on the official Juventus website.

“For many months I have observed this situation with incredulity, accompanied by a growing sense of shock, for a sporting justice system that increasingly resembles a witch-hunt.

“Today we’ve reached the apex. When faced with a clear victory in the court, they decided to kill logic and apply the ban in an arbitrary manner, even doubling it.

“Basically, after months and months in which we heard a certain Filippo Carobbio explain his Coach invited the players to draw the game during a pre-match meeting (Novara-Siena), today we discover Conte’s total innocence in that incident, but they are clinging to the second accusation (Albinoleffe-Siena) to apply the same punishment as the first trial.

“This ignores all good faith for truth, arithmetic and justice – real justice.

“The entire sporting justice system is happy to perform quick trials with asymmetric approach to different cases, people or worse clubs and with barbaric methods that do not belong in a democracy.

“Not only, this system first of all encourages a plea bargain as an easy way out when insulting the sentiment and sense of justice of the individual, only to then refute it without reason.”

Juventus confirmed they will take their next appeal to the TNAS tribunal at CONI.

“As we have confirmed, Antonio Conte is and will continue to be the Juventus Coach. After deservedly winning the Italian Super Cup, bringing up new envy and old ‘anti-Juve’ militants, the team is united in taking on Serie A, the Champions League and Coppa Italia.

“Anyone who thinks the sporting justice events of the summer will affect our season has badly miscalculated the situation.”

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