Sunday August 26 2012
Cosmi rages against new rules

Serse Cosmi’s Siena take on Torino tonight, but the fiery Coach vents his spleen on the transfer market, new rules over longer benches and extra officials.

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“In my view Torino are not to be treated as a newly-promoted side, because their history is just too important,” said Cosmi.

“We have a good squad and can face Torino with belief. We’ve changed a lot and still need to settle, but I am convinced we can do well straight away. It’ll be tough, but finally we’re playing for three points.”

The new Serie A season has several changes to the rule-book, including the extension of benches for up to 12 players and the introduction of officials behind the goals.

“It seems incredibly hypocritical. A Coach is paid to make choices and take responsibility for them. Sometimes if a player isn’t ready then it can only do him good to sit in the stands and watch his teammates.

“It seems as if with five referees and 23 players in the squad, we are filling the pitch while the stands get increasingly empty. I’d hate it if soon we had more people in the middle of the stadium than around it.

“As for the transfer market, I still don’t understand why it has to stay open even after the first round of the season.”

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