Tuesday August 28 2012
Julio Cesar to sign for QPR today

Inter goalkeeper Julio Cesar is set to sign a four-year contract with QPR worth €2.5m per season after his wife sent a farewell message to Nerazzurri fans.

The Brazilian has been in negotiations for several days and according to Italian media the deal has been struck with contracts possibly signed as early as this evening.

The only delay is with regards to the payment Inter will hand over to terminate his contract early.

“I always had a wonderful rapport with everyone in Italy,” wrote wife Susana Werner on her Twitter account today.

“I loved Inter with all my heart, as it was a part of me, maybe more than 50 per cent. I love Julio and really respect him, as he is the husband I always dreamed of.

“I feel strange sensations right now. I want to cry like a baby and I don’t know why. I see messages that tear me up. You have always been marvellous to me.

“I wanted to thank you, but I can’t manage it and I certainly can’t say goodbye. I love you fans! I love Inter and it will remain in my heart, like all these wonderful years and memories you’ve given me.”